Scott Levy

Scott Levy is the Founder & CEO for ResultMaps, a web-based, intelligent ‘result concierge’ and data platform that transforms the way people organize, focus, and work together.  He is also a design partner with the venture capital and innovation advisory firm, GrowthX.

Scott has decades of experience in design-thinking and building highly productive team’s.  Prior to joining GrowthX, Scott founded W3MG, a product design and management firm with a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from startups to the Fortune 500. Scott has helped dozens of companies craft ‘real life’ approaches to uncovering and satisfying customer needs resulting in an increase in usability, adoption and buy rates.

Earlier in his career, Scott co-founded Pan Atlantic Software, where he raised $2 million to develop, a project and process management SaaS startup with customers in North America and Europe.

Scott compliments his design skills and business acumen as a full-stack developer. He graduated from University of Texas at Austin.

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