Susy Solis

Susy Solis is a public relations and media relations executive, and entrepreneur.  Solis is the founder and President of Solis Media Strategies, a public relations and media training firm based in Frisco, Texas. She is also the PR Advisor for the North Texas Enterprise Center, or NTEC, which is a business incubator in Frisco, Texas. Solis advises NTEC and its more than 2 dozen member companies on PR Strategy and Media Relations. Solis was nominated for a Quality & Excellence Entrepreneur Award by the Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in 2015 and again in 2016. Solis garners local and national press coverage for clients and specializes in helping organizations establish meaningful relationships with the media.  Solis is a sought-after media coach of executives, professional athletes, and law enforcement agencies and helps clients become confident and comfortable in front of the camera. Her journalistic background allows her to give clients a unique and critical perspective.

Solis spent 8 years as a reporter in Dallas, the nation’s 5th largest market, which allowed her to develop an extensive national network. Solis is a passionate communicator, whether it’s through journalism, writing, speaking, emceeing, teaching or social media. Solis is a fluent Spanish speaker and a die-hard sports fan.

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